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of this 1890 design, Gil Smith's 21' 6"

Great South Bay (Long Island) Racing Catboat

AJ and 800# lead
ready to launch
the rig stepped (at last)
and sails bent on
ready for ballast
my first guests aboard
after ballast, floor boards
ship's cat
rigged and ready
first sail, little wind
she's a beach cat
at the dock
parallax is our friend
very New England!
what a nice name...
Clementine's Mer-Mer & me
looking under the boom
sheets, they are a' draggin'
Who's following me?
working to windward
See below for the story in pictures of the building of Clementine
happy camper
Why is this man singing?
Sly old dog & lady
You clever devil!
Kep all marks to port
Building Frame
Building Frame
Lofting Floor
Masonite and Kilz
Let the lofting begin!
Nails for pattern transfer
Another transfer
Mold #1
Mold #2
Molds 1, 2, & 3
Molds 1, 2, 3, & 4
Molds 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9
Movin' wood
A load of Alaskan cedar
Molds & transom pattern
Transom Pattern
Lynx molds set up
molds from the bow
bow shape
ready to be wrapped
keel ready for Downy & water
the portable bending shop
butt block between 7 & 8
modified mold
table saw table
the finished bend
stem attached to mold
stem keel scarf
stem keel scarf 2
stem keel scarf 3
how the curve works
keel sample
start of planking
10 planks at transom
transom close-up
10 planks at bow
bow head-on
steaming rig
bow interior, before trimming
bow interior, planked
interior planking
almost planked
bow trimmed
from the bow
from the bow (2)
half planked from side
from the stern
keel before trimming
hull glassed - stern
hull glassed - bow
hull glassed - quarter
colorful priming
strongback removed
second coat Signature
setting up rig
rigged and ready
roll 1
roll 2
roll 3
roll 4
roll 5
roll 6
roll 7
roll 8
molds removed
trailer ready
Clementine (at last!)
model for clamp/beam
testing foam/epoxy for ribs
clamping the sheer clamp
foam in place for rib
foam/glas ribs in place
steam box for carlins
carlins bent in place
sweet curve
side deck beams
cockpit defined
how very like a boat
another view
side deck supports
CB case from stbd side
CB pattern in down position
mast foot ready for trimming
routing to trim diameter
trimming 1/2 inch per cut
mast grinding/smoothing rig
PVC mast tube
mast tube and partners
from the bow
cockpit coaming beams
coaming beam
pin end of board
aft end of board .25 inch plate aluminum
1/8 inch juniper coaming
almost ready for deck
looking like a boat
rudder post in place
rudder post partners
foredeck at Christmas
decked at last
from the stern (!)
tiller installed; dynel decks
rudder shoe
looks fast...

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